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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

A Venetian palace in the middle of Boston, Gardner's home is now a museum displaying her impressive, eclectic collection of European, American and Asian art.

Boston Common

The Boston Common is a public park in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the oldest city park in the United States. Hear the echoes of 350 years of the most extraordinary history of America's oldest park.

Bunker Hill Monument

Located in Charlestown, Massachusetts this 220-foot granite tower commemorates the Patriots' undaunted bravery in defeat at the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill.

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Yes, all your information will be private. While creating the application, protecting our user's privacy was at the top of the list. We can assure you that only you will be able to interact with your bookmarked attractions. Only you will have the access to delete or mark as complete bookmarks from your profile.

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